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Summertown continues to be recognized as a jammers paradise. Summertown being centrally located within 100 miles of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Nashville which displays a real mixture of materials, and talents. The ample hard wood shade trees just add to the mix by providing the perfect setting to get out of the sun, and get down to some real jamming. If you want to join in, listen, tape, or clog you will enjoy the Jamm sessions at Summertown. A site you will never forget. The chickens are a running and the toenails are a flyin. We also offer a shade tree band contest. Below are the particulars…

* Shade tree band contest every Saturday of the festivals at 6:00 PM.
* Winners determined by audience ballot.
* The stage is closed for one hour so that the audience can determine which shade tree band is the best on the grounds.
* Anything goes....get the most votes...you win!

1st Place $200.00

2nd Place $150.00

3rd Place $100.00